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A nonpartisan community of businesses and private sector leaders working to secure America’s election infrastructure and modernize voting.

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American democracy is vulnerable because our elections systems are dangerously out of date, making our election data insecure and more prone to errors and manipulation.


The Democracy is Good for Business partnership connects business and local government leaders to advocate for popular, bipartisan reforms to promote election integrity.

Election modernization reforms vary state-to-state, but typically include upgrading election database technology; securing state funding for registration data maintenance; providing for automatic audits of electronic voting equipment; and creating secure data transfers between state agencies and election administration offices to automatically verify and register eligible voters.

We believe that Democracy is Good for Business because:


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“This is good bipartisan legislation and it addresses the fundamental fact that the right to vote is foundational for the rights of Americans in our democracy. We as a people need to do everything we can to knock down barriers, remove hurdles for all those who are eligible to vote, to be able to vote.”

— Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (Republican)

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Modern Elections

America’s election system is shockingly behind the times. States don’t have the resources to solve this alone. Outdated elections are a threat to the stability of our democracy and our economy.

Leadership & Trust

Americans need their faith in our institutions restored. Business leaders can step up to stabilize and protect our most fundamental right — the right to vote.

Business Support

Businesses from petrochemical corporations to outdoor apparel companies rely on the stability democracy provides 
to develop products, market goods, and make profits.


Election modernization reforms have passed in several states. Here are two examples that show how these successful campaigns made an impact.

In 2016, BP partnered with local advocates, business groups, and native organizations to develop a bipartisan, centrist coalition in support of automatic voter registration in Alaska.

The result was a success — on Election Day, Alaska voters called for the state to modernize Alaskan elections, saving precious government resources by updating voting technology and matching Alaska’s voter rolls with other existing government databases.

Taxpayers will enjoy a more secure voting experience, and private sector businesses, like Alaska’s significant fossil fuel industry, will benefit from the improved efficiency and stability that comes with secure, modern elections.

After implementing automatic voter registration in 2016, Oregon saw an increase in turnout of 20 percentage points against 2012 numbers among voters under 30 years old.

Oregon’s Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson (Republican), said: “I'm pleased to report that in Oregon we have reviewed the processes and we are confident that voter fraud in last November's election did not occur in Oregon. Oregon's landmark 'Motor Voter' law, a first-in-the-nation automatic voter registration system when drivers' licenses are issued or renewed, requires verification of residency and citizenship. This system is helping to ensure the integrity of Oregon elections and the trust of Oregon citizens in our election system."


Many of the most successful and storied businesses in America are joining our community.


Elections across the country bring communities together to shape and build their shared future. Unfortunately, the challenges to strengthening election integrity at scale are significant, and we need both political will and private sector innovation to identify and implement catalytic change. Endeavor is proud to champion election modernization and looks forward to working with fellow Coalition members to develop a more engaged and active electorate.

— Amos Buhai, Vice President of Government Relations at Endeavor


Our mission at Facebook is to give people the power to build community, and to bring the world closer together. We're proud to be involved with Democracy Is Good For Business, working together to protect against those who would undermine our elections, to strengthen and safeguard our civic processes.

— Don Seymour, North America Politics and Government Outreach Manager at Facebook


Lyft is proud to join this effort. With 1.4 million drivers nationwide, we support automatic voter registration efforts in states across the country. Our democracy is strongest when everyone has a voice and everyone participates.

— Joseph Okpaku, Vice President of Public Policy at Lyft


Twitter was founded on the principle of free and open expression – the bedrock of democracy. As a technology company, we continue to invest in efforts to make Twitter the best place to see and freely discuss everything that matters. We are supportive of modernization efforts across sectors to strengthen elections and encourage civic participation.

— Bridget Coyne, Senior Public Policy Manager at Twitter


Democracy is Good for Business believes that businesses can — and must — help make local elections more secure and reliable by modernizing election systems for all eligible Americans, regardless of political party affiliation.

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